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Vicci Noel

 Art Doll Artist 








   Thank you for visiting my website.  I love the opportunity to create and share my One of a Kind Art doll sculptures with you.  First a litte something about me.  I've been married for over 34 years to my wonderful husband and  best friend.   I am a lucky Mum of 2 talented beautiful daugthers and a Grandmother to a handsome little grandson that keeps me on my toes and always seeing things through the eyes of a child.  We make our home in San Diego Ca.  Beautiful weather and love of the ocean keeps my spirits high and my imagination free.  

 From an early age I have always had the inclination to draw, paint, sculpt!  I have worked in many art mediums from pastels. watercolors, acrylics and oil paints beginning in my teens.   But it wasn't until I worked with clay that my passion really soared.  Thanks to a gentle push from my sister Jennifer, I started sculpting in 2002 using Polymer clay.  I love how I was able to turn what I saw in my imaginatioin into a magical sculpted beauty.   In the beginning,  my sculpures where primarily Fairies.   I have since added, Mermaids, Selkies, Sirens, Storybook dolls and my favorite of all Suger Skulls, a celebration in Mexico know as Dia del los Muertos. in which we honor our loved ones that have since crossed over.  I  really enjoy  being able to bring these imagines to life in clay form. 


Creating Art is part of my soul.

 In my every breath.

 There has never been anything that makes me lost in the moment as much as when I'm creating.

I hope you enjoy my dolls as much as I enjoy creating them.  They fill my heart with joy.


I sell my Art dolls on Etsy, Ebay and offer Commissions.  If you would be interested in me creating something just for you, please email me through my Contact page above for more information.



Vicci Noel   




Art is part of my Soul,

in my every breath....

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